Anxiety doesn't have to be a part of your life!

Many of us deal with anxiety and all the methods we try don't really help. The anxiety keeps returning and so does our frustration.

Whether it's panic attacks, obsessive thoughts, fear, loss of joy or the physical symptoms of anxiety like fast-beating heart or keeps returning and we get frustrated and feel stuck

I know these feelings because I've been there. I dealt with intense anxiety, agoraphobia and didn't drive for over a year.

Just because we feel stuck, doesn't mean we are stuck.

Here's what brought me through my anxiety.

God could help me overcome all of these manifestations of anxiety.

The question is, how can we really leave anxiety behind?

The Anxious Woman Bundle Difference

Let's face it medication, diet changes and supplements aren't enough to leave anxiety behind....sure they can help but finding real long-lasting relief requires something more!

I tried diet changes, medication, meditation and supplements and my thoughts were still set to anxious. I needed to find long-lasting relief.

Did you know most anxiety-sufferers have issues with control and perfectionistic tendencies? If we can't make it turn out the way we want, or fix something, it causes unbelievable stress and tension.

So we think, overanalyze, and get stuck in obsessive thoughts.

What we forget is God has us in the palm of His hands. He has our whole life planned out. He is faithful.

As believers in Christ, we don't need to grasp control or worry about what the future holds.

Just look at what God can do through our anxiety:

  • Enable us more brave and confident (Joshua 1:9).
  • Empower us to be dependent and more faith-filled (Psalm 94:19).
  • Strengthen us to believe that even in the most anxious moments, God is still good (2 Corinthians 5:7).
  • Overcome our sense of control and allow us to be humbled to God's will ( James 4:7).

The Anxious Woman Bundle is different in that it shows us how we can draw closer to God during anxious moments and replace anxiety with greater trust in Him.

Through using Victory Verses and Living in Victory workbook, we will learn how God can use anxiety to grow us in faith and dependence on Him,  help us find joy in Him, and grow in confidence to live the life He has planned for us!


So how do we move past letting anxiety have free-range into turning to God and His word in our anxious moments?

If we want to be victorious over anxiety, we need to be intentional. Sure, God could do the work in us, but we'd never learn to rely on Him and trust in His promises.

(Isaiah 26:3, NLT)

3 You will keep in perfect peace
    all who trust in you,
    all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

In this verse, God tells us we need to keep our thoughts fixed on Him.

No medication, deep breathing or supplements will keep our minds intentionally on Christ.

We need to ask for His strength and power to help keep our minds on Him.

What others are saying about The Anxious Woman Bundle..

 I FEEL your words, your understanding and compassion! I have struggled with anxiety/panic for 15 years although it was controlled. Over a year ago it controlled me; I was diagnosed with agoraphobia and haven’t left the house in over a year. I WANT to be ok, I WANT to live a life and not look at my 4 walls all day, every day…As you so expertly stated, “what’s even more challenging is a habit that others can’t see”! Wow, that hit home for me, as did all your thoughts about how this is hard work and God will help but I have to do more than just pray to Him. I get scared, defeated and I crumble into a place of giving up. I have read the self-help books but they don’t include God in the picture and that is why I appreciate and devour your emails! I need you and I need God! LOL. ~Sandy

Your workbook was so helpful in walking me through the Bible stories, asking myself questions and then using what I learned to apply these lessons to my own life. Thank you so much! ~Cassie

Living in Victory in the Midst of Anxiety workbook

  • A 7-page workbook that guides you through God’s word through questions and applications to help you deal with anxiety.
  • Learn or re-learn what God’s promises and the peace that only He can offer us.
  • Observe how the people of the Bible experienced anxious moments.
  • Find inspiration to grasp your victory through God.
  • You can live victoriously even when you’re anxious.

Victory Verses When You're Anxious and Overwhelmed

  • 8 verses from the NLT and NKJV translations of the Bible.
  • Read and plant God’s promises deeply in your heart.
  • Learn how you can find peace and comfort in the Creator of the Universe.
  • Cut them apart or leave them intact to help you through your anxious moments.
  • Check out how I use the verses in this post: How to Minimize Anxiety with these Simple, Successful Hacks

20 Prayer Prompts When You're Anxious & Changes to Diet to Help with Anxiety

  • 20 prayer prompts to help you pray for the things that make us the most anxious.
  • Pray is a great way to re-focus from anxiety to God.
  • Praying grows our relationship with God.

  • Changing our diet can help ease blood sugar instability, dehydration and not getting enough protein.
  • I've also included supplements I've found helpful in my own journey to managing anxiety.

* This Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 



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